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I’m coming in for the reunion. I haven’t been back to the Pittsburgh in 15 years when my mom died. I came in almost every year until then. Last time I didn’t come because I was moving to Placerville. I hate it here and I’m moving back to San Francisco right before the reunion. I’m looking for anyone who has pictures of Pam Whitlinger at any of the reunions.She’s the one who dragged me to the reunions I went to. I think it was the fifth and the 15th. I still speak to her sister. Does anyone have a suggestion for a great hotel? Can’t wait to see you all.

School Story

I’ve been a California girl since I ran away after 10th grade. 46 years in the Bay Area,(not counting living in Kansas, Texas, Tahoe and Hawaii) with the last 19 in San Francisco until I moved up to Placerville 4 years ago. I hate it here and I’m moving back to San Francisco. Pam Whitlinger was my best friend in high school and the only one I kept in touch with. I did see Mary Anne Dunn a few times as my mom lived across the street from her parents who were best friends with them.

Class Reunions you have attended?

1981 - 5th
1991 - 15th

Your Mt. Lebanon Elementary and Junior High Schools?

Howe Elementary
Mellon Junior High

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Apr 20, 2021 at 7:45 AM

Carol Golin introduced me to Pam at the end of ninth grade and we were inseparable until I left a year later. I was the only friend of her that her parents really loved. That was good because we got away with murder because I could hide things from them. She was such a good girl until she met me. We've always joked that I corrupted her. But we had the time of our life hang out at the park at night. Not only was she beautiful and could've been a model which she did in high school, she had such a big heart.  A few months before my mom finally died we expecting her to die and Pam drove all the way from DC to hold my hand. When I moved I lost all her work but I'm trying to get some from her sister Leslie who I still talk to. I am coming into the reunion and would love  to get any pictures people have of her at any of the reunions. She dragged me to the 5th and the 15th. Her death was so needless, she died because she didn't have health insurance. I miss her daily and have her picture on my wall and talk to her.

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